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Materials | Finishes

You can trust that q|co products will look good and feel good for years to come.

By pairing natural materials and non-toxic finishes with skilled craftsmanship and modern technologies, we deliver beautiful, enduring designs that showcase the unique character of each material.

See below for our list of preferred materials and finishes, access to our materials and finishes library, and an overview of the thoughtful manufacturing principles that guide each design from concept to doorstep.


Preferred Materials and Finishes

Domestic Woods: Walnut, Ash, Maple, Oak
Non-Toxic Finishes: Osmo, Monocoat
Recycled Metals: Brass, Aluminum, Steel



Thoughtful Manufacturing

The concept of thoughtful manufacturing serves as a touchstone to ensure that our design and manufacturing decisions align with our social and environmental ideals. We respect the complex systems connecting humans, animals, the natural environment and the built environment, and strive to create products that are informed by and in harmony with the collective whole.

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q|co designs accentuate, rather than mask, the characteristics of raw materials. Many of our products are inspired by natural scapes. And, though we like to stretch the boundaries of materials' capabilities, we also respect inherent characteristics, and take necessary steps to ensure lasting quality for each design.

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Our products are made from sustainable materials including domestic wood, non-toxic finishes, LED lights, and recycled metal. We also opt for biodegradable shipping materials, avoid plastic whenever possible, compost excess woo, and use wind power to run our shop. We see these decisions as a small part of an ongoing effort to protect and heal the natural environment.

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As a design and manufacturing house, q|co places ideation alongside fabrication, fostering a wholly integrated approach to product development. Our model is built around the iterative process and ensures that both the inventive spirit of design and the vision or objectives driving a particular concept remain at the forefront of every decision.

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Most q|co products are manufactured in-house through a combination of skilled craftsmanship and modern technologies. When outsourcing or collaboration are required, we seek local artists and makers to help realize the construction of high-end designs. By working locally, we're able to minimize the carbon footprint created through manufacturing while fostering sustainable careers for local makers.